About Divers

About Divers


Divers specialise in the logistics that surround the delivery, deployment, relocation and retirement of IT systems.

Your enterprise will just want to get on with the business and the productive use of the IT tool.

This leaves all the logistical tasks of getting the right computer, properly configured and set up, to the right desk at the right time. It also leaves the end-of-life tasks such as collection, decommissioning, data erasure and ethical disposal.

It is all these logistical tasks that receive Divers focus. It is work we are able to do accurately, efficiently and in a very cost effective manner.

We provide these services to Companies, Government Departments, Universities and IT Companies throughout New Zealand.

Divers’ capabilities include freight, storage, a centralised technical workshop, on-site set up, decommissioning, IT asset remarketing, e-waste, recording and reporting. Because we cover the breadth of IT logistics needs we call it “End-to-end IT logistics”.



  • Upgrade and downgrade hardware
  • Loading/Imaging software
  • Consolidate and prepare items for delivery (reducing packaging and freight costs)
  • Record and supply asset information via online tracking system
  • For relocations we can disconnect, pack and move from one location and reinstall at another.


  • Old equipment can be:
  • Collected
  • Decommissioned
  • Audited
  • Data erasure
  • HDD destruction
  • Be redeployed or remarketed
  • Ethically e-wasted.


  • International freight
  • Customs clearance
  • Storage
  • Inventory management
  • Phased deliveries when and where needed.

Divers specialise in the logistics of delivery, deployment, relocation and retirement of IT systems.

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